Omnichannel commerce platform
Elevator pitch

The omnichannel commerce platform that covers it all.

Webshop. Apps. POS. Warehouse. Backoffice. Skata is a high-end commerce solution that is able to support your strategy on both online and offline channels, sitting front-row and keeping it classy.

Top notch design. Blazing fast. Realtime data.
One platform, your platform.

Tailor made webshop, that will fit

Custom design implemented by professionals to give your customers the best possible online experience. Skata combines high end design and top notch performance to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Custom UI to complement your brand experience
  • Target audience optimized shopping flows
  • Blazing fast and SEO optimized

iOS & Android as intimate sales channels

Be in your customers minds and pockets. Keep them up to date and engaged with push notifications.

  • Giving the ultimate mobile experience
  • Notify about new releases and restocks
  • Push notifications on key moments
Points of Sale

Omnichannel to the max, upgrade your stores

Bricks and clicks blend together within the POS. Customers share the same account on all sales channels while conversion (per day, per employee) is measured. Upsell with products from online direcly from the POS.

  • Unified online and offline shopping experience
  • Sell online/warehouse products from your POS
  • Modern payments gateways including Paypal, Tikkie
  • Monitor employee performance and in store conversions

Realtime insights with a single source of truth

Manage and measure everything. Stay on top of your business with realtime reporting from all sources. Make business decisions direcly based on facts and balance your inventory and purchases based on sales. All from one easy to use intuative backoffice.

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